Beading Pins

Eye pins, ball pins, and head pins are commonly used findings in the creation of beaded jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. They serve as connectors for beads, allowing you to attach them securely and create various designs. Eye pins are straight wires with a loop (eye) at one end. They are used to connect beads and other components. To use an eye pin, you can slide beads onto the pin, create a loop at the other end using round-nose pliers, and then attach it to other jewelry components or findings. Ball pins are similar to eye pins, but they have a small ball or decorative element at one end instead of a loop. The ball helps prevent beads from sliding off the pin. Like eye pins, you can string beads onto ball pins, create a loop at the opposite end, and use them to connect your jewelry elements. Head pins are also straight wires, but they have a flat or rounded head at one end. The head acts as a stopper, preventing beads from sliding off. To use head pins, you can thread beads onto the pin, create a loop or a wrapped loop at the other end, and incorporate them into your jewelry designs.